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The Gateway to A World-class Golfing Experience

Design, of course, is the essence of architecture. The Ibai Golf Resort was masterfully crafted by Andy Dye, a world-renowned designer who comes from a family that’s considered by many as “America’s first family of golf”. They are known for their hands-on attention to detail and have been linked to some of the best golf courses in the world. 

Ibai Golf Resort is designed to blend harmoniously with its existing beautiful landscapes. The result? A seamless medley of nature, sport, culture, living, and art. The golf course showcases the natural beauty of Terengganu and the Ibai River. The tranquility of the river and the depth of the local culture makes Kuala Ibai the perfect place for golfers and guests to relax.   

A Golf Course Par Excellence

The 7,150-yard Par 72 golf course meanders naturally along the soft curves of the Ibai River and perfectly captures the soul of Terengganu. It offers 18 holes of championship world-class golf, where the first 9 holes are suited for amateurs and the subsequent 9 holes are for those who seek more challenge. 

The golf course also features numerous lakes, long and sandy bunkers, ravines, and sand traps which protect the greens. Regardless of your golfing skill level, you will revel in the experience of playing amidst Terengganu’s resplendent nature. The fairways are carpeted with Hawaiian Seashore Paspalum grass while the greens are coated with Bermuda Tifdwarf. 

Ibai Golf Resort, in all its majestic glory, has often been referred to by golfers as “Jewel of the East ”.  



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